In order to create and nurture talent you need both quality professional coaching and the personal ability to motivate people towards an achievable goal. With carefully designed coaching programmes and a coaching experience which now spans 40 years, Adrian Clifford / Bigredgolf schools are well placed to help golfers improve. 

Adrian Clifford of Big Red Golf Schools has been coaching golf at Rushden Golf Club in Northamptonshire since 1999. 

During this time many younger players have received golf coaching through individual, group coaching and Northants County Coaching programmes. 

What the customers say..........

"  Best lesson I have ever witnessed today Adrian watching you working with Ryan, most dramatic results from one very simple grip change. Once again what you don't say is just as important as what you do! Old school can still work with an experienced pair of eyes & ears, not everybody needs trackman, swing plane lines on a computer and a spreadsheet full of data " NS. 

"30th March is Theo's first County coaching. He can't wait. 

Also both boys had as they said their best golf lesson EVER with Adrian Clifford"


"Hannah first asked to play golf in September 2012, when she was just nine years old, having a quick look online I soon came across Adrian Clifford (Big Red Golf) & booked Hannah's first lesson. Hannah immediately felt comfortable & at ease with Adrian. Even though Hannah had never picked up a golf club before & was hitting balls immediately ! 

I can thoroughly recommend Adrian as a coach and Mentor "

" I booked a group of 5 lesson with Adrian aka BIGRED in April last year and within a week I had knocked several shots of my typical round. During the spring I had cut my handicap by 4 and down to 11 by July with a best gross score of 79 "

" Four years ago I decided that I wanted to learn to play golf. Having never picked up a club before, I had some lessons, bought some clubs, practiced very hard and got nowhere ! After a year of phenomenal effort and misery my best score was still 105.  

(Now 9.3 Handicap) Through a change in circumstances I met Adrian. Five years of his coaching and support have helped me to my greatest golfing achievement, a round of 78. It has been a challenging journey, and would have been impossible without Adrian to help me along. He gave me confidence straight away "

" Adrian has been coaching Becky for 3 ½ seasons now and the steady approach has really worked for her. Golf is not something that can be taught overnight and quite often, it is the most frustrating game in the world! But as a parent I have found Adrian’s interaction with Becky very positive and he has definitely helped her find a ‘happy medium’ between playing and practising. He has given her a target for each month of the year and is always checking with her to see how she is progressing, whether it’s with her practice or with any competitions she’s been playing in. I would have no hesitancy in recommending Adrian to any young golfer and/or parent – his skill lies in getting the best out of his students, but at their pace and with their understanding! Thanks Adrian "

"Lessons with Adrian have been the best investment I have ever made in golf - and I've spent some money over the years! His tutelage has taken me from being a reasonable 15 handicapper down to 8, something I never thought would ever happen. His knowledge of the golf swing is outstanding, and the little tweaks he continues to make now see me still improving in my 50's with a target to knock a further 2 shots off my handicap before old age kicks in "

" To adapt the old saying - "golfers who know buy and learn from their pro!" - and pros don't come any better than Adrian Clifford."