What is a PGA Golf Professional ?

When you book a golf lesson you need to make sure that your new coach is correctly qualified.

Its quite simple, when you book a golf lesson with or without a video, make sure your coach is PGA qualified. You can always check if the coach is qualified by asking to see their PGA membership card. If they cant show you the PGA membership card I suggest you walk away. 

A member of the British Professional Golfers Association has had to go through the following training before becoming a full member of the PGA.


  • To start the four x  year training programme they need a minimum handicap of 4
  • Over the next four years the new trainee works alongside a fully qualified PGA member / PGA mentor
  • During the next four years the trainee has regular course work that must be presented to the PGA tutors at the Training Headquarters at the PGA Head Office based at the Belfry
  • Apart from being an experienced player when they start training, once qualified the Professional will have expert knowledge golf rules, full golf club repairs, golf management, coaching both adult and junior golfers
  • Once qualified the PGA professional continues to attend annual CPD courses run by the PGA training department in order to `maintain` their PGA membership  


For further details of the PGA please visit the website here ->  The Professional Golfers Association





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