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Improve your golf at Rushden GC for £20

Posted by adrianclifford on July 19, 2016 at 5:30 AM

Most golfers will already know that if you do the following well you will most likely play well !


  1. Aim the clubface square
  2. Grip the club correctly
  3. Set the ball position well for your chosen club
  4. Aim your feet, hips, shoulders to the target
  5. Be in balance with your bodyweight
  6. Complete the backswing
  7. Complete the follow through
  8. Swing with the correct amount of power
But these points are difficult to check by yourself !

Why not ask for a `Basic` check up lesson at Rushden Golf Club.
A 25 minute lessons costs just £20 with myself or 40 minutes for £30

All you need do is call me on 07710 759265 to arrange a lesson for either midweek or at the weekend.

All the best for the summer !

Adrian Clifford
APGA Golf Professional

PS. If you need further help then other coaching programmes are available here


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