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Saturday beginner golf group 16th April 11am - 12pm

Posted by adrianclifford on March 28, 2016 at 4:10 PM

If you are new to golf then why not book yourself into this one x hour group golf lesson.

This course needs to be both pre-booked and pre-paid which allows me to keep to a small class sizes. 6-1 ratio

This is an adult only course and all equipment is supplied where required.

To enrol simply call 07710 759265 and to pre-pay please click below

Come along and have some fun hitting golf balls ! :D

Rushden Juniors perform well !

Posted by adrianclifford on March 28, 2016 at 3:45 PM

Congratulations to Rushden junior members Hannah Talbot and Callum Beasley on a fine Shires Tour day out at Bedford Golf Club.

Hannah finished in 1st place in her division with 43 stableford points over 18 holes and Callum finished 3rd with 27 points in the 9 hole competition.

They are soon to see some handicap reductions ! 

Very well played to you both. 

February Newsletter

Posted by adrianclifford on January 26, 2016 at 7:00 PM


Spring is near !

Just about 6 x weeks of winter left. Spring is around the corner.

No more mats or 9 hole games. Not more wet fairways and no trolley bans !

Just sunny days, 20 degree plus temperatures and a beautifully maintained golf course.

Also starting in April,

• Monday evenings Junior nights (Dates to be confirmed)

• Thursday evening Captain & Professional Challenge matches

• New midweek Ladies Group coaching

• Northants Academy Junior County Coaching

I myself am looking forward to my British Open qualifying challenge in June. Last year’s attempt left me 85/ 120 players. You need to be in the top 6 to get to the next stage which this year was played locally at Woburn. Playing with the likes of Monty and Retief Goosen !

I am also hoping to enter several Pro-Ams this season. If anyone out there would like to play the events are played as one professional and three club players. They cost between £70-£90 per player. Not cheap but they are professionally run events and we get to play courses in their best condition.

Entry fee includes green fee, food all day and prizes. Please let me know if you are interested to play. Individual pro prizes and excellent amateur prize funds are available.

The annual captain & Professional Challenge matches will begin in April. Matches will most likely be played either on a Tuesday or Thursday evening. Can club Captain Michael Stephens and I maintain the form from last year’s past Captain Dave Chisholm ? We will see …..


Good Golfing


Adrian Clifford APGA


Golf Lesson `January 2016 Special` Buy one get one free !

Posted by adrianclifford on January 3, 2016 at 6:00 PM

Golf Lesson `January 2016 Special`

Buy one get one free !

If you buy a 40 minute lesson in January for £30 you will

receive another 40 minute lesson completely free !

The first lesson must be taken in January however

you decide when you take the follow up lesson.

To book your golf lesson please telephone 07710 759265

All the best for a Happy New Year in 2016

Kind regards


Professional golf Coaching with

Posted by adrianclifford on December 28, 2015 at 11:05 AM

“Your swing ain`t like Tigers” !


When a golfer books his or her first lesson established players often explain that in the past they have been put off booking golf lessons because they are in fear of having to change their whole swing ! This is never the case ! Every golfer will have their own individual swing. If you look at golf touring professionals you will see golf swings that look flawless through to some actions that look a little more unorthodox.

So you need to look somewhere between Luke Donald and Jim Furyk !

The days of video golf lessons from golf coaches comparing your swing with Tiger Woods are thankfully long gone.

(Many golfers have spent years psychology damaged by this !)

Golf professionals know that each player has their own swing because of their size and strengths. What we need to focus on is giving the golfer a swing that they can both physically achieve and a swing that is consistent.

It’s also perhaps time to stop videoing your own swing on your ipad and asking your friends what they think!

Because guess what, your friends just say that `your swing ain`t like Tigers` and off we go again !

In a golf lesson what I will do is understand your club head aim followed by your grip. Usually if your club aim is wrong then so are your feet. All basic stuff but the solid base that a good player will always have. However if the hook or slice you complain about is because of the grip you will benefit from a slight change. Good clubhead and feet aim followed by a decent grip are very important.

All very simple things to check. So with a good clubhead aim,  good feet aim and a good grip will enable you have more chance to `flight the golf ball straight` with less slice or hook offline shots.

`How often should I take a lesson is a question` ? I get asked often. Well if you play 10 months of the year I would suggest you take one lesson per month. This way you can only pick up one month’s bad habits before your next check up ! If you are short of money or time then take a lesson every two months. But do take some lessons !

If you play badly for three months when you go for a lesson it can take longer to help you.

Regular golf swing maintenance is the key to happy golf !

All the best for 2016 golf season and I look forward to helping you improve soon,

Adrian Clifford

APGA Professional 28.12.15


December Junior Golf Camp at Rushden GC Northants

Posted by adrianclifford on November 19, 2015 at 5:35 PM

Rushden Golf Club Northants Junior golf camp. December 2015.

During the Christmas holidays I am running a two day junior golf camp at Rushden. Including a par 3 championship.

The dates and timetables are yet to be confirmed but if you would like further information in December please text me asap.

On 07710 759265

Please state the age, boy/girl handicap (if you have one, but not essential) of the junior.

Age ranges will be from 5 to 16.

Age appropriate groups will be selected.

Good Golfing Adrian Clifford APGA

Christmas Golf Voucher Special Offer

Posted by adrianclifford on November 14, 2015 at 5:15 PM

Christmas Golf lesson Special

If you are thinking of golf lessons to help improve your game next season then the following offer might help you !

Its simple ...

If you  buy 5 x half hour golf lessons normally priced at £110 for adults you only pay £79 if you buy before 25th November !

Saving you £31

Juniors £85 reduced to £70 saving £15

To buy this package you need to call Adrian Clifford asap on 07710 759265

(Please note This offer is not available online from the Bigredgolf website, simply call !)

So why not treat yourself or a friend this Christmas ?

Golf lessons can be taken now in the winter or if you would prefer to wait for nicer weather how about next spring ?


Can a Launch Monitor help your game ?

Posted by adrianclifford on November 11, 2015 at 6:10 PM

Launch Monitors and how they can help you ?

Many of you may know that this year I purchased an ES14 launch Monitor and quite a few players have used it as part of their lesson or club distance measuring session. (To basically see how far you hit the ball !)

Before i purchased the monitor i felt it was important to try and review several different `brands` before buying 

The first test I made was with a GC2 Launch monitor complete with Head unit. Retail price for the base unit was £6,500 and the head unit was another £5,500. About the price of your brand new average family car. Well what does this unit do and how can it help you ?

The main GC2 base unit measures,

Clubhead speed

Ball speed

Ball spin rates

Distance the club hits the ball

Launch Angle

Direction of shot

(The Head unit shows swing path ( ie in to out or out to in )

If you use a launch monitor inside ie. in a net you need the machine to tell you what direction the ball flew in as you cant see the ball fly !

What i liked - You had some immediate data information for the above measurments. 

What i didn`t like - Its inconsistantcy to measure some shots when they were hit well and straight. (for £6,500 i expected more consistantcy)

Also if your customer shanked a ball they would hit the machine as it sits 2 feet infront of the golfer and as the machine only comes with a one year warranty, i didnt like this risk   ! (The warranty does not cover shanks either !!!!!!!!!!!!)

After further reviews I selected a ES14 Launch Monitor.

Same as the GC2 the ES14 measures, 

Clubhead speed

Ball speed

Ball spin rates

Distance the club hits the ball

Launch Angle

Smash Factor - How well the shot was struck

It does not show the direction of the shot

But as i only use my launch monitor `outside` on an `outdoor `range you can see the ball fly so no need for guess work here !

What i liked - You had some immediate data information for the above measurments.

What i didn`t like - It occasionaly miss`s some shots. (But doesn`t cost me £6,500 for this !)

Bottom line is GC2 is very good for indoor use but makes no difference outside.

ES14 does not show swing path. However after 38 years of teaching experience i can tell you that most good players already swing in to out and most higher handicappers swing out to in. This is explained in any lesson with a PGA Professional.

So how important is it to book a lesson with a PGA Pro who only uses a Launch monitor = Its not !

Most professional golf instructors have been teaching and helping golfers improve for many years without one.

But, if you would like more information about how far you hit the ball off the tee and can you improve your length ?

It helps you massively !

If you would like to know what your driver launch angle is (not to be confused with the loft on your driver) then yes you can hit balls on a launch monitor to find out. 

If you would like to know what your swing speed averages are so you can select the correct shafts for your clubs then yes this system helps you.

If you would like to learn what ball spin rate you achieve then this system will help you select the correct golf ball for maximum distance. the wrong ball could be costing you more than 20 yards from the tee. Or is that a potential 20 yard gain ?  

You decide  ;) !

A 45 minute Launch Monitor session costs £45 and could make an ideal Christmas present !

Also if you are working on your game this winter why not have a few more facts to work on within your game improvement plan ?

and lastly, if someone tells you that a GC2 Launch monitor is better than any other brand of Launch Monitor out there i can tell you from experience of using both its not true ! There are also others available including Skytrak, Trackman etc. They all have their own branding and advertising campaign  which usually sets the final retail price. A bit like Rolex versus Omega !

When mobile telephones first arrived on the scene they were costing well over £1,500. Now they cost £30 !

Thankfully Golf launch monitors, simulators and the like are all going the same way.

The information you see below is the same as you recieve after a session with the ES14.

It provides great feedback for you to learn from.

I usually suggest a follow up session after 2 or 3 months.

If you`d like a session please call me on 07710 759265

Good golfing

Adrian Clifford

Advanced PGA Professional

Beginner par 3 golf coaching in November 2015

Posted by adrianclifford on October 16, 2015 at 5:30 PM

Calling Beginner Golfers !

Learn to play par 3 golf at Rushden Golf Club in Northamptonshire

Rushden Golf club Par 3 golf lesson starts at 10am - 11.30am

Date - Thursday 12th November 2015

o Beginner coaching

o Golf clubs & golf balls supplied

o Adult age group coaching

o Coaching on putting & chipping

o Learn to play Par 3 golf in 90 minutes

o £10 for 90 minutes

o Group session

o Have some fun & invite some friends !

o To enrol telephone 07710 759265

o Golf club coach Adrian Clifford APGA Golf Professional

For the Best Benross prices & Best PGA Custom fitting in Northamptonshire

Posted by adrianclifford on August 26, 2015 at 5:30 AM

If you are looking to buy Benross golf clubs in Northamptonshire then may well be your best option !

Be measured by Advanced PGA Professional Adrian Clifford Rushden Golf Club Northamptonshire

+ Best prices / Price Match promise = Bigredgolf v American Golf

+ Bigredgolf will always match the best internet prices in the county

+ Bigredgolf offers a Free One Hour measuring appointment when you buy irons or woods

+ Come and try the 2015 Benross 2015 models on the range using real golf balls (Why would you want to try using range balls !)

+ Experience  computer measuring from Bigredgolf using the very latest ES14 launch monitor equipment

+ With every set of irons a FREE 30 minute lesson is offered on collection

All custom fitted golf clubs are ordered and ready to play within 4-6 working days and can be delivered to any part of the UK.

To book your Benross fitting appointment in Northamptonshire

please call Adrian Clifford APGA on 07710 759265